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Bringing light, beauty and pleasant aromas to your home

Grace and Peace Co was born out of my love for two things, mugs and candles. 

There is a rule in my house that I am not allowed to buy a coffee mug without getting rid of one of the ones I already have.... No. That's not a joke, but a neccessary rule (per my sweet husband) after I accumulated a cabinet FULL of coffee mugs. I simply love all the different colors, sizes, and designs and love deciding which one to choose for my morning coffee. 

I also had a candle problem. At one point, I had a cabinet full of those and a temporary ban was put on my candle shopping as well (thanks dear, lol). 

Deciding to make candles in mugs (and eventually in precious little mason jars) was my way of combining to great loves of mine. For a couple years, I would give them as gifts to family and friends, of course keeping some for myself, and after many people telling me that I should sell them and wonderful support from my husband, I decided to share the love I have with others as well. 

My ultimate goal is to bring light, beauty, and a pleasant aroma to your home and to bring you as much joy as my candles bring me!

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